How to Play

The game is designed for children aged 5-10, but older children may play it too. For young children, we recommend that you help them understand the game rules and get started. Old children typically won't need assistance.

The Number Catcher is an online game. It is played in the web browser, with no need for installation. You must have flash player installed on your browser (click here to get it).

The software is provided without user support. Bugs or problems can be reported via the "Contact us" page, and we will do our best to fix them in the next version.

Game Instructions

Boxes containing fruit, flowers, and fish fall into the screen. Your task is to load these boxes onto trucks, carriages and ships, which then carry the goods to the farmer's market. Don't let the boxes pile up and fill the machine - or the game will be over!

Click or drag a box to load it on a vehicle. Consider the number of objects in the box, because each vehicle has limited capacity. To get more boxes, click the button at the top of the screen.

The objects must be loaded onto the vehicles decade by decade. If a vehicle is larger than 10, you should first load it with exactly 10 objects, and only then start filling the second row of objects. There is one exception to this rule: you can always choose the box which completes a whole vehicle, even if it crosses a decade boundary.

The green "level up" meter (on the right side of the screen) shows when the current level is going to be completed. After finishing a level, you can hopefully move to the next level. But if you were too slow, or if you chose too many boxes that can't fit in the vehicle, you will have to try the same level again.

As you move to advanced levels, you have more and more features:

  • The saw on the left side of the screen cuts boxes into two parts, so they fit the amount of empty spaces on the vehicle. To use the saw, drag it onto one of the boxes. You can then mark how the box should be split into two parts, and click to cut.
  • You get bonus for filling a row using objects that are all the same color. If you fill the whole vehicle with objects that are the same color, you get a larger bonus.
  • You may get a prize bomb if you are quick or if you solve a difficult mathematical problem. Explode the bomb to destroy the boxes close by, so the boxes don't pile up and fill the screen.
  • Some drivers are in a hurry. Finish loading their vehicles before the alarm rings, or they will drive away and you will not get points for the vehicle.
  • The "level up" meter may start going downwards too. If it hits the floor, the game will be over.